Reopening Plan

Plans to reopen to in-person concerts for our 2021/2022 Season have been paused; we intend to proceed with plans to offer most concerts via remote livestream.

Friends, we announced in May that the Indy Folk Series was hoping to reopen in September with a “hybrid” approach that would offer both in-person limited capacity concerts, and the opportunity to view the concert via remote livestream. Unfortunately, due to the rise in COVID cases, plans for in-person events have been put on hold.  As of mid-August, the Indy Folk Series does not plan to be present in-person events at UUI for an unknown period of time.

This decision was based on data provided about COVID risk status in the Indy Metro area on the website, which went from orange to red, or “critical” risk in mid-August.  We are, of course, extremely disappointed in this turn of events. We knew going in that this process of reopening would be a bumpy ride, requiring flexibility and responsiveness to unpredictable and rapidly changing circumstances.

At such time as the status goes back to yellow, or “medium” risk, we will reevaluate the reopening plan, which will likely be significantly more cautious that what may be allowed by the local health department.  It is unknown at this time which concerts will be in-person events, and/or the capacity limits if applicable.  Decisions will be made based on the rate of community spread at the time.

When we are able to present in-person events, the Indy Folk Series will gladly follow all safety protocols established by UUI, which will likely include limiting capacity, masking, collecting information for contact tracing, and eliminating food and beverage service at concerts.  In addition, the Indy Folk Series Board of Directors has chosen to require that:  COVID vaccines will be required for performers, volunteers, and in-person audience members. Audience members who are not vaccinated may not attend in-person events, but are encouraged to view via remote livestream.   We understand this may be controversial.  This decision was not made lightly, and the intent is to protect the most vulnerable among us, We hope that you will understand, respect, and abide by this decision. 

Details about changes to the format of our concerts will be announced as soon as they are available.  For example, we have implemented a new ticketing system that will offer audience members the option to view concerts via livestream, and/or in person when possible to do so.  We have also simplified our ticket pricing structure. Please bear with us as our volunteers work to re-invent our concert series from the ground up in order to accommodate the “new normal” that is the future of live music!