Indy Folk Series concerts are held in the performance space at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis, located at 615 W. 43rd St. Indianapolis, IN 46208.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis (UUI) is in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, just south of Butler University, a few blocks northeast of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

It is a large limestone building, located on the South side of the street. Turn off 43rd St. into the parking lot, located just in front of the building. There is normally plenty of space in the parking lot, but if it is full, there is parking available on nearby side streets.

UUI is located on a tree filled four-acre campus, which is a designated wildlife habitat. The property includes several buildings, plenty of green space, and a solar panel farm, which generates most of the power for the campus.

For more information about UUI, please visit their website:

Your favorite device should bring you right to our parking lot, or use one of the maps below:

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A few signs to help you find your way: