SPECIAL EVENT: In partnership with the Eiteljorg Museum of Native and Western Art. Both events will take place at the Eiteljorg Museum, located in downtown Indianapolis, 500 W. Washington St.

Special Event at the Eiteljorg Museum

Kerry Grombacher & Aspen Black

Concert: Sat July 20, 1:00pm: $20

Songwriting Workshop: Sun July 21, 1pm: $20

Concert and Workshop: $30

Tickets to concert and/or workshop include entrance to museum exhibits!

Ticket information for our regularly scheduled 2024/2025 Season will be available by August 2024.

The Indy Folk Series is a volunteer-run organization and we do not have a box office or a dedicated phone line.  All ticket sales are online and go through our ticketing partner, EventCombo. starting four weeks prior to each event.    Tickets available online, using your favorite device, right up until showtime, provided capacity has not been exceeded.  Indy Folk Series is an all-ages venue. If you have a question about ticketing,  please contact us via email at and someone will get back with you.

For those attending in person: We no longer accept cash or checks at the door, however our volunteers will gladly assist you in the lobby to purchase a ticket via EventCombo, (provided the concert is not sold out) using a credit card.

We strive to be accessible, inclusive, and welcoming to all.  For frequently asked questions about accessibility, or other general questions about the venue, CLICK HERE. If you need accommodations, please contact us:

For those attending via Zoom:  We want you to have the best concert experience possible!  We suggest you review a few Zoom tips before the concert begins, to minimize difficulty on the day of the show.  CLICK HERE for Zoom information and tips.

The Indy Folk Series is a relaxed, comfortable venue, with seating up to about 200.  Acoustics and sightlines are excellent throughout the room. We do not offer reserved or assigned seating.

If you need accommodations with regard to seating, please contact us via email at with as much advance notice as feasible.


After you have purchased your ticket, you will receive an email with the Zoom link and optional call-in number.  You will be able to access the show from your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone; however the bigger the screen, the more enjoyable your concert experience will be.

You will find it helpful to review the following information in advance of the time the concert begins, so that you can have that best possible experience. 

Prior to the show, please make sure you have the Zoom program downloaded to your device, so that you’ll easily be able to access the show when it’s time. (If you regularly attend Zoom meetings with friends, family, or colleagues, you are likely already good to go.) Please note, you do NOT need to sign up for a Zoom account to attend this show! All you’ll need is the concert link, which will be sent to you via email after you have purchased your ticket.

Here’s how to ensure that you are “Zoom ready”:

  1. Access your internet browser.
  2. You’ll see a blue “Join” button, likely in the middle of your screen, inviting you to join a test meeting. Click that button.
  3. If the Zoom program is already downloaded onto your device, you’ll likely be prompted to open (or cancel) the Zoom application. Choose “Open.” OR, if Zoom is NOT on your device, you’ll be prompted to download it by following some straightforward instructions.
  4. Once the test meeting is open, you’ll see a black box, likely with your name in it. To turn on the video, click the “start video” button, likely in the bottom left corner of that window.
  5. You should now be able to see yourself. What you’re seeing is what other attendees will see at the Zoom concert (only each person’s box gets considerably smaller, like the Brady Bunch boxes from that old TV show!).
  6. You may experiment with any of the buttons that appear on the bottom of that window (audio, video, etc.). When you’re ready to leave, click the red “Leave” button, likely on the bottom right of the screen. Then click “Leave meeting” and the Zoom meeting disappears.

That’s it! You can repeat these steps any time if you want to experiment with the program. On the day of the show, all you’ll need to do is click the Zoom concert link; this will leave you at step 3, where you’ll choose to “open” the Zoom application, and voila, you’ll be in the concert audience!

On the day of the concert, you may enter the Zoom room a few minutes prior to start time (7 pm Eastern time).

When you join the meeting, you will be put in a waiting room. The host will let you in once sound check is complete.

Once you’re in the concert audience, here are some things to consider:

  • When you first enter the meeting, your video will be off and your sound will be muted. You can turn on your video – we hope you will, so we can see each other, just like an audience at a live show! The audience will remain muted throughout the performance.
  • Set your Zoom Screen to “Speaker View” so that the concert stage is the largest window. Each device/system is slightly different. Your “view” menu should look like nine little dots. It may be in the upper right hand corner, the upper left hand corner, or elsewhere on your screen. Choose “Speaker View” for the best experience.
  • We will be interacting with each other using the “chat” feature. Again, each device/system is slightly different. Your menu options may be on the bottom of the screen, along the top, or along the side.  If you are using an iPad you may need to touch the “more” button to bring up the “chat” function.  You may need to experiment a little bit to find the chat feature, but it’s a great way to interact with your hosts and fellow concert goers!
  • Since you’re attending from home, pick a comfortable location, bring a glass of wine (or beverage of your choice), and relax!
  • Remember that when your video is on, you can be seen. You can get dressed up, you can be casual… however you’ll feel most comfortable (but wear something! )


The most common problem people have is with the video/audio cutting in and out.  We realize this is very frustrating.  Here are some suggestions:

  • If possible, reconnect to the concert using a device that is HARD WIRED to your modem via an Ethernet cable. This should solve virtually all connectivity issues.
  • Zoom is different than streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. Platforms like Zoom and TEAMS are designed to share data both ways, so they use more Internet bandwidth than Netflix or YouTube.  So while you may be able to view streaming services just fine via Wi-Fi, you may find that Zoom is glitchy on Wi-Fi.  This is why we suggest connecting via Ethernet cable to resolve connectivity issues.
  • If you can’t use an Ethernet cable, move your device as close to your modem as possible. This will greatly improve your signal.  We don’t recommend trying to view a concert from a remote location where Wi-Fi is spotty.
  • Multiple devices connected to your network that are all streaming content at the same time will reduce your available bandwidth and cause connectivity issues.
  • Try turning off your camera. We’ll miss seeing your smiling face, but turning off your camera will reduce memory usage and may improve your viewing experience.
  • Your audio experience will be significantly better if you have external speakers or headphones; unfortunately, the built in-speakers on most electronic devices are just not intended for music.
  • Make sure your Zoom app is up to date, as Zoom functionality can diminish if you’re not running the latest version.  Depending on your settings, Zoom might keep itself updated automatically.  If it doesn’t, look for a Check For Updates option in the menu in the upper right corner of the app.

Indy Folk Series concerts are streamed over a fast Internet connection that has been tested many times. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can impact a viewer’s experience that are beyond our control.  If you have attempted to resolve the issue using the troubleshooting suggestions and are continuing to have problems, please contact us in the Zoom chat or via email at and we will do our best to help you resolve them